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College Planning Associates will help you through the college planning process

Navigating the college planning process and determining the correct path for a student is considered one of life’s most important decisions. College Planning Associates has assisted hundreds of students in choosing from thousands of accredited institutions in the United States and abroad. With a systematic approach to taking our students through this exciting process, informed decisions are made with student/parent participation in four modules to produce an informed pathway to higher education.

College Planning Associates works with students from age 14 through adult to assess interests and abilities, explore college majors and career possibilities, to find colleges which meet a student’s personal, academic, and financial requirements, enhance students’ prospects for admission, and acquire financial aid. Left to their own devices, families find this can be difficult, confusing, and even overwhelming. Since 1994, however, the team of Laurie Crockett Barclay, M.A., Ed.M. of College Planning Associates, Robert P. Crockett, M.B.A., CLU®, CLTC, ChFC™ and Michael P. Barclay, Financial Advisor, of College Financial Aid Planning, have offered a systematic approach to making these difficult decisions. Their comprehensive services can help you on your way to a bright new future.

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