> What are some popular, unique and downright unconventional college mascots and should I wear the swag for my campus visits and interviews?

Wearing college colors and/or mascot emblems will not make nor break your chance of admission.  That said, it’s kind of fun to know what persons, places or things may represent your future college!

Popular Mascotscougar

  1. Bulldogs
  2. Eagles
  3. Tigers
  4. Wildcats
  5. Hawks


  1. Purple Cow (Williams College)
  2. Fighting Okra (Delta State University)
  3. Hokie Bird (Virginia Tech)
  4. Blue Hen (University of Delaware)
  5. Nittany Lion (Penn State)


  1. Jasper (Manhattan College’s mascot name comes from Brother Jasper of Mary F.S.C., who served the institution in the late 19th century.)
  2. Billiken (Saint Louis University’s mascot is a mythical good-luck figure.)
  3. Hoya (Georgetown University’s teams were originally named “The Stonewalls.”  A student started a Greek and Latin cheer, “Hoya Saxa” or “What Rocks!”  Hoya was the outcome.)
  4. The Red Flash (St. Francis University, PA)
  5. Bantams (Trinity College, in Connecticut has described it’s mascot as a “proud, unfazed rooster.)