Carol Apple – Lewisburg, PA

Someone once told me that the cost of sending her child to College Planning Associates was the “best money she had ever spent.” I remember being quite impressed with that statement and several years later, I couldn’t agree more! Laurie takes the time to work with students to help them determine what professions would best suit them according to their capabilities and interests. Once our kids really focused on what areas of study they should pursue, the college search became much easier. Laurie has a great rapport with our children and did an excellent job of guiding them and keeping them on track during the college application process. Both our children are currently happy and thriving at the colleges they attend. I give College Planning Associates much credit in helping my kids find ‘the right fit’ when it came time to pick a college that met their individual needs. And, now I tell people that the cost of college planning at CPA was worth every penny!

Carol Apple - Lewisburg, PA