Katlyn Troisi

Even as a kid, I always saw myself going to college out of state to a private school, which terrified my dad at first. Laurie and Bob were persistent in reassuring my dad that in our particular situation, we would be able to afford an out of state private school just as easily as a Pennsylvania public institution. Looking back at the work I did with Laurie and Bob, I am so glad that I started early. My first meeting with Laurie was the summer before my freshman year in high school. Laurie was not just an advisor for school, but she became someone I could talk to about life. High school is an exciting, terrible, and scary time, and Laurie was always there to help me refocus on the importance of my high school career. To this day I still communicate with Laurie about how school is going, and honestly, I owe my incredible four years at Ripon College to Laurie Barclay and Bob Crockett, as well as to my dad.

Katlyn Troisi - South Williamsport High School - Class of 2012