Parents – Amy and Brooks Gronlund – Lewisburg, PA

As parents, we felt overwhelmed at the thought of helping our son Harrison begin his college search. With Laurie’s help we are proud to say he was accepted to his first choice and is excited about his major! Under Laurie’s guidance Harrison was able to really identify what he was looking for in a college, area(s) of interest, career ideas and felt confident going to on campus interviews! Her work with him on his talents and career exploration was invaluable, as we certainly would not have pursued this on our own. Laurie not only matches grades, test scores, and class rank to potential colleges but she digs deep to match other talents, passions, service, and potential to find the best fit for the students. We highly recommend Laurie’s services, which truly allow the student to own the process, timelines and applications.

Parents - Amy and Brooks Gronlund – Lewisburg, PA